The variety of tourist destinations and experiences in Massachusetts will amaze you. Boston offers the energy of a modern city a University town and a commercial one with the majesty of historical landmarks. The places to go in Massachusetts aren't just about history and culture it doesn't matter if you choose to go on the slopes in the west  Berkshires to the west are the white sand that is stretched for miles from capcort and martha's vineyard Massachusetts is about having and a great time.

Boston :

From the Brahmin bastion from bacon hills and the historic sites of the famed freedom trail to the various art museums of the world. The hub has many things to offer everyone if you are interested in fine art divers neighborhoods antiques, seafood, modern architecture, black history, music and the revolution technology you will find it all here.

Boston's tourist destinations are suitable for everyone. There are many things to keep kids entertained such as an aquarium filled with dolphins and seals. There is outstanding science museum for kids under 10. As well as saw on boards you can ride and a wedding pool.

Cape Cod :

The Atlantic to the south beyond Boston Cape Cod is the city's most popular summer destination with many miles of sandy beaches and picturesque towns brimming with attractions for tourists. For those who are active Cape Cod is a must keep offers fishing, galling, kayaking, swimming and miles if walking and cycling trails. A 40 mile stretch of the cave's eastern coast is reserved to be the Cape Cod national

seashore. The perfect beaches with done sand and woodlands and birds nesting areas connected with miles of trails for hikingn ear the northern end of the Cape. There is lively province town famous for its funky atmosphere and music in our scene. The song goes you are sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod.

Martha's Vineyard :

South of Cape Cod and easy to reach via ferry nantucked and martha's vineyard gave sunday beaches in the islands peace nantucked is a 15 mile long island located 30 miles to the south of Cape Cod. In 1740 to 1830 over 125 velling boards made nantucked their port of call and become the world hub for willing the super location in massachusetts is the laidback martha's vineyard. Only five miles from Cape Cod but light years away in its atmosphere martha's vineyard is surrounded by small villages and farms each with its own year - around lifestyle.


North of Boston unless well known as Cape Cod and is famous for its picturesque fishing harbour and rockport and the activeport of cluster tourists who know about Cap and drawn to Cape end due to its gorgeous and quiet beaches its flourishing art colonies and a starving little town with old antique houses. Selam was a herd of the china street and one of the largest ports along the east coast. It's streets are lined with the stately homes built for sea captions and welding merchants it is also known as the home and the birthplace of Nathaniel harthon the additional historical significance of the famous salim which trails the dark and tragic story that selam has transferred into various tourist attractions.